From the material of the carabiner to the application field of the carabiner

2023-08-22 10:00

Carabiners, I believe that many mountaineering enthusiasts will not be unfamiliar with them, because they are related to the life safety of mountaineering enthusiasts. Mountaineering, simply put, is rock climbing. Before we set foot on the mountain, we all know to take certain safety precautions. Among these safety measures, carabiners are an indispensable tool, and of course, ropes are also one of the most important tools.

Although sometimes we may do without a buckle and can only be done individually with a rope, this is not very common. Since carabiners are one of the must-haves for mountaineering, carabiners are usually included when purchasing protective ropes. It can be said that ropes and mountaineering fasteners are essential equipment.

In general, mountaineering fasteners are made of aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel, and are available in a variety of shapes, such as ring-shaped, runway-shaped, egg-shaped, square, triangular, etc.

Aluminum alloy carabiners are loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts because of their lightweight, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other advantages. In addition, carabiners are now widely used in the field of sporting goods, such as stainless steel triangular carabiners that can be used on sandbag ropes to cope with high-strength stretching needs.

Mountaineering fasteners are not only suitable for mountaineering and rock climbing, but also widely used in many sporting goods. Their functionality and versatility make them one of the essential pieces of equipment.

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